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Millions of people have never understood Jesus as a human personality; a man with dusty feet and calloused hands. Millions more might grow to love him if they could walk alongside him for a while on the dirty roads of Palestine or spend an evening by the campfire with him and his disciples talking about the God who loved fishermen, prostitutes and thieves. They might really like the Jesus who loved to laugh and tell jokes, often about institutionalized religion. In this volume of The Justus Scrolls, Joseph bar Sabbas, called Justus, theologian, philosopher, educator and erudite crafter of words, takes us step by step through the searing personal adventures, miracles and teachings of the Man, Jesus. Under flickering shadows he pens an irresistible story; swift-paced, romantic, violent, gentle, bawdy, comic, lyrical, hard-bitten, haunting and passionate; guiding his readers heartbeat by heartbeat in the steps of this Carpenter of wood, this Carpenter of Men.

"THE JUSTUS SCROLLS" made me feel like I was there myself, following Jesus'' every move. I always wanted to know about what Jesus may have eaten or where he slept, and where he went. Fiction, yes, but only to a degree, based on sound Biblical and recent archeological facts. Each evening I look forward to reading a few chapters before bed, and I ask myself, "I wonder where Jesus will be tonight and what he has been doing today?" My problem is trying to stop reading because it is so action filled. Being a dog lover, Abishag adds such additional warmth and love. It's a page turner for sure, but it's also a satisfying, rich and fascinating "re-read." -- Joan Conant

Even if the reader realizes that there's some fiction intertwined with facts, this unusual page turner depicts the life of Jesus so uniquely that it was hard for me to put it down.

Now more than ever, our celebrity hung-up society needs to read stories like "The Justus Scrolls". I highly recommend it.

Andrew J. Rodriguez
Author: "Adios,Havana," a Memoir

The Justus Scrolls gives the reader a sense of what it feels like to be close to the humanness of Jesus. One feels as though Jesus were standing at his shoulder reading with him. But this time you can hear him breathe, you can smell him. It is almost as if you can see him. And such an experience to be so close to the Man who is God, is a wondrous, powerful emotion. As he can be “touched with the feeling” of our infirmities, so we become “touched with the feeling” of his presence and of his love.

The Justus Scrolls added so many wonderful insights to my understanding of the Gospel. The old, old story told with the perspective of the "non selected" apostle was what attracted me to the book. It reminded me that we all have a story to tell no matter what position we hold in the Lord's family. How often we see a "no" as a stop, instead of redirection.

I do wonder how many more stories we will hear when we meet all those obscure folks that followed Jesus while he was here. The author's words reveal years of research and a heartfelt investment. I was truly blessed. Thank you so much. As St. John said, there would never be enough books to hold all the mighty works He has done.

Nancy Chalmers
Marietta, GA

Whatever happened to the real Jesus . . ?

In reading The Justus Scrolls, I felt for the first time that someone was showing me the real Jesus within the world of the first century. More important, since Jesus is God in human flesh, the author gave me a new view of a God with the power to create a universe, but also with the love to forgive us all - even the soldiers who crucified him. The Justus Scrolls reveal a real Jesus and a real God.

JUSTUS IS THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ IN MY SEARCH TO KNOW MORE ABOUT JESUS AND HIS DISCIPLES (reviewer's emphasis). In my continuous search to know more about Jesus’ quest to establish His kingdom on Earth in such a short span of time, His selection of the disciples was most important . . . how He chose them, how He related to them, how He led them.

By the time I finished this book, I felt that I knew each of them intimately, and had almost been a part of their journey. A rare insight into the lives of these twelve men who truly, through and with Christ, changed the world.

Jaque Bowen
Alpharetta, GA

I have never read any book that is written so "smoothly" that you just RACE though the pages. Although the size of the book is overwhelming (to me) - I just started picking any random page and find myself ENGROSSED so much that I would finish 2-3 sections without even stopping for a breath. I have decided to keep it on my desk for a year and 'swiss-cheese' my way through it.

I have read stories and seen movies of Jesus' life many times. But when I read The Justus Scrolls it was as if I was right there, as a young boy, meeting him, traveling with him as he grew up, and experiencing life with him. Jesus became so much more real to me. The author has captured the essence of Jesus' life in this book. As I read it, I felt the joys and pain that he went through. As a result I love him more than ever. As the old hymn goes . . . "What a friend we have in Jesus". I am grateful to the author for helping us to see Christ as a man, touchable, as a brother and as the Son of God.

S. Ray Bailey

When I read the book, I think the author is spot on about Jesus. I loved the section on driving the money-changers out of the temple. more . . .

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