Lest we be accused of sexism, let us be clear: These remarks are about how to become a child of God. Somehow it just doesn’t have the same ring to it to ask, ‘how does one become a person of God?’ To be clear – gender is patently irrelevant. This is about salvation, how to be forgiven, how to have eternal life; how to go to heaven; how to be ‘saved;’ how to be ‘born again.’ There are all sorts of ways to say it, but the critical issue is not a verbal proposition, but an actual relationship. How does one become a son of God where one is spiritually born into the family of God and knows that his Father is none other than the Creator of the universe?!

Before I attempt to answer this searching question, let me ask another: How much did you have to do with your birth into this life? Into this world? Whether you were born at home, in a hospital or the back seat of a car, the only thing you had to do with your birth was to take your first breath! In an analogous sense, that is how you are born into the family of God.

The point is, salvation is wholly and completely an act of God. Your part in it is recessive as distinct from active. As a newborn infant, all that is necessary is to take your first breath of faith. You realize that you have become surrounded with the love of God, just the same as you were surrounded with the substance of your first breath. Whatever it is that tells a baby to open its mouth and fill its lungs is whatever it is that tells you to open your heart and invite God – in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ – to fill it. You inhale his love into your spiritual lungs and you become as Adam on the day he was created: God breathes into you the breath of life and you become a living soul.

One connects with the love of God when one can appreciate what he has done to express it. Envision the suffering form of Jesus on the cross and you can take the measure of God’s love for you. The stark reality of the death, burial and resurrection of God’s Son is what makes your redemption possible. Without that we all would be dead men (and women) walking, forever alienated from God.

There is nothing you have to do to become a child of God. A baby takes its first breath by natural instinct once its brain tells it to do so. So when your brain tells you that you are in the presence of the love of God, just as the baby opens its mouth and inflates its lungs, you open your heart and receive God’s love, forgiveness, grace and life!.

You are born into a world of breatheable air from a world of amniotic fluid. Do you know what makes up a large part of amniotic fluid? The baby’s waste and water! That’s what you have been breathing in and out while you were in the womb. When you are born, you leave all of that behind and you begin to breathe real air like you were designed to do.

You were designed to be loved by God. You were designed to live eternally with God in his infinitely glorious realm. Once you become a child of God, you leave the “amniotic fluid” of your old life behind and you begin a totally new life.

All that is necessary is for you to open your heart, receive his love and breathe it in. Some might call this an act of faith. Perhaps it is, but it can only happen when you feel loved by God. When this happens, you will feel new life. You will begin a new life – that never ends.

-- PDM






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