On October 8, 1936, in the dusty town of Ponca City, Oklahoma, at a Catholic hospital, Paul David Morris was born to William Roy Morris, a Baptist minister, and his wife, Addie.

He had lived all of 10 months in Oklahoma, when his father collapsed in his pulpit and died within the week of pancreatic cancer.

The family moved to Atlanta, Georgia where they were received by Paul's mother�s family, and where he was raised.

Mother became ill immediately after the move, and was committed to a mental health hospital for the rest of her life. Paul was raised by his mother�s sister, Annie, his four older siblings and a black nurse, Lizzie Mae -- who, Paul says, was "more of a mother to me than anyone."

After two years of military service, at age 20, Paul was led to Christ in the home of his employer in Long Beach, California. After graduating as a ministerial student (B.A.), he obtained his seminary degree (M.Div.), was licensed for ministry, ordained, and spent many years in pastoring and church leadership.

After his Ph.D. in counseling and administration, he labored over 23 years in a career of psychotherapy, during which time he developed his own approach to Christian counseling called, Redemptive Therapy. He served as Clinical Director of Thesis 96 Inc., a Christian Counseling clinic, in Fairfax, Virginia, and as Program Director for two acute level psychiatric hospitals in San Bernardino, California.

For four years Dr. Paul and his wife, Bonnie, produced a live, call-in radio talk show entitled, Linked with Love, in the Washington, D.C. metroplex. This was in the pre-cellphone days and listeners would often stop their cars and use pay phones to call in.

In 1978, Charles W. Colson, Special Counsel to President Nixon and founder of Prison Fellowship, tapped him to head the training program for what was at that time, a fledgling ministry, barely 2 years old. Colson is quoted describing these years as �building a moving locomotive.� While administering the program, Paul himself, conducted over 125 week-long seminars in prisons and churches in the United States and Canada. In addition, inmates were brought out of prison for an intense two-week program designed and taught by Dr. Morris. They were then sent back into their institutions to reach their fellow inmates with the love of Jesus Christ.

Paul has written poems, short stories, stories for children and numerous academic papers. He published The Journal of Redemptive Therapy, authored two non-fiction books: Love Therapy, explaining his approach to psychotherapy, and Shadow of Sodom, a work addressing the social issue of homosexuality and an appropriate Christian response to it. In recognition of his work, he was invited to contribute a chapter on Love Therapy, for an anthology of Christian psychotherapy entitled, Helping People Grow.

His most recent, and to date, his most significant work is this volume of historical fiction, THE JUSTUS SCROLLS, Recollections of an Almost Apostle, the story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of the disciple NOT selected to replace Judas Iscariot, Joseph bar Sabbas, called Justus. This work details the incredible experience of Justus as he witnessed events surrounding Jesus; events that would shape the world, and generate more than 2 billion followers.

Paul has been privileged to minister in youth camps and conferences, Churches, colleges and universities, prisons throughout the continental United States, and throughout Canada, to people from every walk of life: the homeless, sufferers of acute mental illness, housewives, students, scholars, theologians, Congressmen, Senators, clergy, the State Department, the Defense Department, the FBI, the CIA; all of these have been touched by God through his life and ministry.

Now, semi-retired, Paul and his wife, Bonnie, live in Marietta, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, and worship at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta. They have six children between them, and ten grandchildren.

"It has been my privilege to work side by side with Dr. Paul Morris for three years. The message he conveys of God's love and human redemption is one that I believe to be ordained for these times."

-- Charles W. Colson, Founder of Prison Fellowship, Inc. and former Special Counsel to the President of the United States.

"The vision of Dr. Paul Morris was born out of a deep concern for human need, and uncommon experience in teaching and lecturing, and a desire to equip the people of God for ministry."

-- Dr. Richard C. Halverson, United States Senate Chaplain and former Senior Minister, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C.






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